Servicing Water Well Systems, Pumps, and More

Kerr Country Pump is the leading water well service provider in Kerrville, Texas. Our portfolio includes servicing pump and water treatment systems that are competitively priced for homeowners and business proprietors.

Firmly committed to customer satisfaction, we never compromise on quality workmanship. We offer a comprehensive array of services and provide 24-hour emergency assistance to local customers and those in neighboring counties.

System Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Enjoy reliable and steady access to water with pump systems designed for residential and commercial property use. Worry not about experiencing low water pressure when opening faucets, showers, or taps.

The booster pumps we install ensure optimal water flow. Our expert technicians are highly qualified to repair and maintain complete home and business pump systems at a price worth paying for.

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Submersible Pump Servicing

Routine maintenance checks by professionals are vital to making pumps last longer. When systems function productively, you avoid experiencing:

  • Water Pump Failure

  • Aerated Water Flow

  • Poor Water Quality

  • Higher Energy Bills

To keep water well systems in tip-top shape, let us perform annual maintenance on your submersible pump. We make sure systems remain energy-efficient, self-priming, and always capable of channeling water from the well to your home.


Water Treatment and Filtration Solutions

Prevent hard water from wreaking havoc on your taste buds, appliances, and plumbing systems. Let us sample and assess your hard water supply. This way, we can determine if your home or business’ water system needs softening or conditioning.

Beyond our expertise with filtration systems, we are just as skilled with conditioning and softening. We’re here to resolve hard water issues by efficiently installing the best water treatment system.

Ensure Your Access to Safe Water

Whenever you encounter such problems, reach out to us for 24-hour emergency assistance. Feel free to schedule a consultation or ask for an estimate.